Monday, November 29, 2010

the thread portions of my gypsiness...

it has come to my attention that my talents need face time.
after all, this IS "threads of a gypsy," isn't it?
my previous posts gave you a peek into my crazy, now i would like to give you a peek into my therapy.
my little niece was the angel wearing this.  it was her First Communion, and since i couldn't be there, i just HAD to be a part of her celebration somehow.
my other gorgeous niece is the owner of this vintage inspired gem.  i couldn't be there for her prom, so this was my contribution.
1952 Butterick pattern fashioned out of lipstick red silk dupioni.
the fittings were fun, we were on video chat.

 i have this fetish for imported Japanese print fabric, too.
considering my kids are no longer of the age where they would even CONSIDER wearing such lovely smocks, i'm stuck with them.
but aren't they cute???

 and so much more...
much, much more fills my baskets.
i gave up my stash of fabrics moving to this god-forsaken new state, but i have since grown a new one.
anyone else out there have an uncontrollable urge to collect fabrics just to look at?  or any other crafty item?

Monday, November 8, 2010

tick tock...

...tick tock...
time has certainly passed me by, 
and my goddess!  how things have been progressing here in 
my little home.
with the hallway 97% complete, it is time to think about what we're 
going to do with the boys' room.  
it's also time to start thinking about holiday...
i LOVE holiday...
i love to decorate, 
last year, we had a mishap with the Yule tree and ended up losing a lot of 
family ornaments.  in an attempt to still have a decorated, yet safe
Yule tree, we used paper and candy canes.  the result
was almost magickal, if not nostalgic.
this year,
we may just do something similar...
we'll decide soon enough.
for now, it's time to think about dinner...