Saturday, April 23, 2011

packing up shop and moving to....

road trip!!!!
who wants to go on a road trip?
i've been mulling it over for weeks now, and i've come to the conclusion that this particular host site doesn't have enough widgets for my needs.
i like those fun little sidebar widgets that take you to fantastic places,
that tweet your every word... 
(are you following me on twitter??  @ThreadsofaGypsy)
that go where no blogger (on that is) has gone before!!
all drama aside, please visit me here:
i'd be all sorts of giddy if you did.
i won't be updating this site any longer, as much as i have emotional ties to it...
it is my first blog, after all,
and if it weren't for poppins, none of this would have come to pass. 
i love my little poppins!

but my new home will allow for my widget obsession to be appeased and will also allow for me to give you lots of fun presents and such.
(who wouldn't want cookies from me?  don't answer that....)
and don't forget to bookmark it...pretty please.
thank you!
see you on the other side!

a silver pool of i've been told...

well, i've decided.
i'll be placing a bigger focus on my priorities, but at the same time, i won't be neglecting who i am, what i want to be, where i want to go.
i can integrate it all,
because i totally rock like that.
i'll leave the sheets folded like little lady left them,
i'll drink java...AND tea.
and, for the love of dave, i'll eat the frockin' cookie!
it's not going to be too difficult.  
i will manage to weave it all together like a giant tapestry of me.

"suddenly i see, this is what i want to be..."
yup, that says it best.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

is it just me?

lately, i've been going through this inner struggle thing.
so many decisions, not enough me.
do i center my words, or put them off to the margin?
do i drink java or tea in the morn?
do i keep the fitted sheet that was folded by little lady the same or refold my way?
(do i eat that last cookie or save it for iron man?)
so many important decisions to make, so very little brain function left to make them.
i have another decision that i've been mulling over for a few weeks now.
it requires me to trim the writing habit down to size.
it requires me to return my focus to my job as a homeschooling parent.
in all actuality, i know what my decision needs to be,
i was just hoping to find a happy medium.
these are my priorities:

(take the moose out...he'll survive just fine if i decide to stretch myself too thin or not)
any of you ever had to make hard choices that tore you up inside, and yet, when the decision had been made, you felt like a weight had been lifted?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

yup, it's my big
isn't that fantastic!
(remembering that i cuss like an iron worker will help you get over the shock)
now, it's time we get on with my 
50th decade already.

Friday, April 8, 2011

what i liked today...

happy friday!
just wanted to share with you this fabulous and whimsical room.
i want to live here.
i do.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how i spent my tuesday...

all i can say is.....
holy crap!
most of the day was spent waiting for word as to why my power was out.
the rest of the day was spent wishing we had that door put in the garage...
(iron man had the only key to the garage...the S.U.V. was parked safely power, no opener...yeah...i was stranded.)
despite the unfortunate circumstances, we did survive.
i have a recount of the event over at 
tomorrow, we restock the fridge.
everything is rather spoiled in there.
another day, another adventure.
i declare it wine-thirty for the rest of the week....

Monday, April 4, 2011

what i liked today...

i'm not sure what my fascination is with toddlers, 
but, i have one.  i love everything they get to play with, their little imaginations,
i love their tiny!
maybe it's because my trolls have outgrown the wonderment stage.
or maybe i'm just jealous that i can't pretend to be wonder woman without people questioning my sanity and whispering "that poor woman, she must be having a nervous breakdown...someone should say something!"
um, no.
having my own trolls almost 14 years ago depleted the sanity box.
it's now filled with mush, gibberish and rooster.
i love this little blog.
it has everything a toddler could want and ever need.
i want to have that same imagination again
(without all the whispering passerby's that may or may not have the psych ward on speed dial)
pay the little.lovely a visit and relive your 4th year all over again,
even if it's just in your own imagination.
happy monday!