Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poppins made me do it...

I'm not one for following the crowd. I make my own choices, I decide my own agenda. I'm also not one for sitting back and watching the world go by without my little bit of influence and little suggestions thrown into the mix. But when my sister told me "you should really do it!", I caved. Almost all of my thoughts about not going with the flow, about not doing whatever else the rest of the world is doing, about sticking to my guns, almost all decided to go into hiding. And here we have it...........the blog is born. Be afraid, very afraid. For within these walls of mine you will experience my life: hobbies, kids, marriage, mental angst, teen drama (soon to arrive in duplicate), hell, my own drama! I will most likely hold nothing back. I have been told that I cuss like an iron worker, I have been told I'm nice (that comment is being reexamined), I have even been told I have the gift of needle and thread.
Welcome to the magickal world of a pagan gypsy stuck in the Bible belt until further notice. (Bet the pagan part raised a brow...)

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