Friday, July 16, 2010

Housework really IS dangerous...

Who knew that vacuuming could be harmful?
I woke up yesterday with this nagging ache under my right rib cage...didn't think anything of it really until this pain started to progressively become a worry. I was questioning myself as to whether or not my appendix blew, my gallbladder exploded, or the lack of alcoholic beverages (which from here on out will be referred to as "rooster" i.e. the 47lb Rooster) for a 20 day period had a negative effect on my liver. As the answers to these questions were a unanimous "ridiculous!", I thought it best to seek "professional" advice.
Fast forward to present time...after much deliberation, one pee sample, and plenty of pressing on said spot asking me..."does this hurt?" (if it didn't, lady, I wouldn't be here), the answer became clear....I must have done something while vacuuming. I have been prescribed 4 days without physical activity and plenty of Aleve. I'm sure I will ignore the Aleve portion of the prescription, as it would only mask the pain and I might foolishly ignore the other portion of the prescription. But I'm all about the banned physical activity. Looks like my minions will have to do the vacuuming for me. After all, they are young, strong and spry. Adding a few more chores to the menu should only build character.


  1. Aren't minions wonderful!!!! We should make a date for Monday to make this puppy look awesome. I have some AWESOME ideas :)

  2. It looks fabulous!! You totally rock...ooze with awesomesauce...yeah, you do.