Tuesday, April 19, 2011

is it just me?

lately, i've been going through this inner struggle thing.
so many decisions, not enough me.
do i center my words, or put them off to the margin?
do i drink java or tea in the morn?
do i keep the fitted sheet that was folded by little lady the same or refold my way?
(do i eat that last cookie or save it for iron man?)
so many important decisions to make, so very little brain function left to make them.
i have another decision that i've been mulling over for a few weeks now.
it requires me to trim the writing habit down to size.
it requires me to return my focus to my job as a homeschooling parent.
in all actuality, i know what my decision needs to be,
i was just hoping to find a happy medium.
these are my priorities:

(take the moose out...he'll survive just fine if i decide to stretch myself too thin or not)
any of you ever had to make hard choices that tore you up inside, and yet, when the decision had been made, you felt like a weight had been lifted?


  1. Center your words and command the page, definitely java in the morning, keep the sheets folded how they are, and gobble down that cookie for crissakes! Lawd knows no one would think of you! There! Now I am off to answer world peace! And glare at snow with my lazer eyes to melt it.

  2. and this, mes amis, is why we love our mags....thank you, my snowy northern friend!

  3. I just made my father teach me his secrets on how to fold fitted sheets - such a time saver, what have I been doing all these years? I'm sure this too shall pass, and I'll be back to my "roll it in a ball" method. You prioritize your life any which way you please, but know that cookies should absolutely make the list.

  4. thanks for the sheets and cookie advice, miss kelly! i think it's best to put cookies first, too....cheers!