Monday, April 4, 2011

what i liked today...

i'm not sure what my fascination is with toddlers, 
but, i have one.  i love everything they get to play with, their little imaginations,
i love their tiny!
maybe it's because my trolls have outgrown the wonderment stage.
or maybe i'm just jealous that i can't pretend to be wonder woman without people questioning my sanity and whispering "that poor woman, she must be having a nervous breakdown...someone should say something!"
um, no.
having my own trolls almost 14 years ago depleted the sanity box.
it's now filled with mush, gibberish and rooster.
i love this little blog.
it has everything a toddler could want and ever need.
i want to have that same imagination again
(without all the whispering passerby's that may or may not have the psych ward on speed dial)
pay the little.lovely a visit and relive your 4th year all over again,
even if it's just in your own imagination.
happy monday! 


  1. I understand! I envy toddlers - living in their own little, imaginative worlds. Saying exactly what they think. They crack me up - I don't want to lose that spark. I do wish we could just dress up like wonder woman and have tea parties!

  2. If you lived closer I would bring over some capes and we could be imaginative loons together. (It's always better with a friend)