Thursday, March 31, 2011

and the acronym for today is...

the weekend is almost here,
thanks the gods!
i don't know about you, but i'm flat out spent.
i remember monday, vaguely,
tuesday is a blur.
wednesday....that was yesterday, right?
what will this fancy thursday bring me?
(cookies?  i love me some cookies!)
so far, mr. thursday has given me cold java, a headache, this pain on my shoulder, and rain.
good morning?  not so much.
i'm going to press the restart button and take some pain relievers.
i may even be so bold as to brew my own java.
(i said may...relax)
with that thought in mind, how about we restart the day together?
shall we look at a pretty picture?
maybe flip through a pretty magazine?
i just ordered this:
i'm super excited to get my copy!
did you order yours?
(the lovely thea would be all sorts of happy if you did) 
and did you see yesterday's whimsies?
lots of pretty pictures to see there.
oh, and this shoppe?
isn't this pretty?
Faerie Moon Creations
and this?
how frockin' cute is this?!?
 ok,i hope your day is filled with sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and mochas.


  1. I was hoping to finally get all the kids to school today and yet one has had a relapse of the stomach flu! Ugh! I am so ready to be done with the puke fest going on here! Next week they are home for spring break. Double ugh!

  2. Uh! I'm all chuffed and giggly at this post. But at the same time, sorry to hear about your shoulder- oh no!!! what's up?

    perhaps you will have to carry a little owl purse around with your other hand to cheer you up??

    I'm posting your spoonful asap so it can arrive and distract you. Thanks for the wondrous post and ooh! I didn't know about THIS blog, I've been at lesbonnesidees... here are pretty pics of you - you are pretty :) If you don't mind me saying so hehe - okay okay I'll bugger off now. Was just saying...


  3. Maggie, you poor thing! Thea...the shoulder is the result of bad computer mouse placement, lol! and I slept wrong. I'm good.
    You are much too kind! You're rather fetching yourself, you know....

  4. Oh my goddess, I love the fairy art and the cutie owl purse :)
    Now how can I incorporate the owl idea into my reusable sandwich baggies?

  5. I have too many identities. Ardren is me, Mel. Just fyi.