Monday, March 14, 2011

why is the java always gone?

daylight savings time.
the most ridiculous of all US traditions.
i'm up before the gods.  seriously.
it took 3 hits to the snooze button just to wake my sleepy arse up.
we're not even going to talk about the java.
iron man usually leaves me a hefty cup.
we'll talk about the java.
a half a cup??!!
Ballistik Coffee Boy
you all know i don't make coffee.
i despise making coffee.
it's just so much tastier when the iron man does it for me.
i was spoiled all weekend.
this was the first weekend in 6 that he was home for both days of the weekend.
he's been working long hours to finish the job and we haven't had a tidy house in forever.  when he works overtime...yes,
i work overtime.
the house is a mess, the trolls are a mess, the moose is a mess
(he's always a mess...and smells like he rolled in a bag of laundry left in the washer for 2 days because you forgot to transfer it to the dryer).
so, this weekend, we focused on tidying up this mess.

Corbis Images
the house is clutter free, the "gorgeous" kitchen is clean, the moose got a bath, and the yard is free of sweet gum balls.
we grilled out all weekend, rode bikes, had the windows and doors open.
thinking about the lovely weekend makes me feel a bit better,
but i still think i need more java.
i think i'll break down and brew a bit.
maybe if i had a french press, i wouldn't have to make so much.
yes, i would like a french press.
i'm rambling.
happy monday.


  1. I love love my french press. My hubby doesn't care for it. He calls it the hoity toity coffee. Only means more for me! You can come and give my moosette a bath! LOL

  2. I don't bathe the silly beast, the girls do...something about a wet dog just doesn't sound very fun. :) my birthday is coming soon...ahem...