Monday, March 7, 2011

is it monday.....again???

hello, mes amis!
here we are again...monday.
i've got my java
(the lonely one cup...must teach iron man to drink less.)
i've been crazy busy these last few days.
i have a friend who is evil beyond evil.
she wants to make a better writer out of me.
wants to teach me to pull ideas out of my wee little arse.
thinks i have alot of ideas bottled up and has made it her mission to help me find a bottle opener.
i hate her.
she wants me to do this in a crazy ass amount of time:


so, if i'm absent-minded for the next few days, 
it's because she's forced me to think and write more than i ever did as feature editor for my high school newspaper for two years.
as much as i think she's spawn of Pan,
i love her.
she wouldn't be forcing  me to squeeze every little bit of creative whim out of 
brain cell
if she didn't think i could do it.
she rocks.
she's a rock star.
happy monday, ya'll.


  1. I know you can do anything you set your mind to! Good luck and drink LOTS of coffee!

  2. i was hoping you'd say drink lots of wine, but....thank you!!!