Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mea culpa...

i have something to confess....
i made a faux pas.
all new bloggers do, i've been told.
seems that there's a particular code that one must follow when using an alias while commenting.
i didn't really know it was so.....bad.
so , here it is:
i don't want to be misleading to my favorite readers...
please forgive me.
let me explain... 
once upon a time,
in a summer long ago,
there were 3 women on an extraordinary adventure.
one of those women (me) began a blog (this one) as a sort of practice space for her inner writer to help on her adventure.
time passed, and one of the women left the adventure.
another of the three moved far, far away.
leaving the last woman (me) all alone...
i was handed the adventure on a platter with a little tag that said
"eat me"
"drink me"
"carry on(and don't drop me)"
and so, the woman (me) took the platter,
set in on her china cabinet
(because it would be very safe there from the mean ol' nasty moose tail)
and started to find places to fit her adventure in.
she(me) found all sorts of lovely little worlds!
she(me) began to leave little love notes in these worlds using her super secret code name:
Miss Charlotte.
then one day, one of the women (who moved far far away) told her that it was misleading, it was a naughty practice, come clean....now.
so here i am,
begging my readers....
please don't be mad.
i made a faux pas.
i'm human.
(and i'm the pretty woman in the story who was left all alone, you can't be upset at the main character when that happens...can you?)
can you ever forgive me?
*<-----this is a tear spot. 
i'm still planning on keep both sites, 
this one will be a bit more personal than 
i do hope i haven't offended you, my treasured readers.
i'm new.

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