Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It always ends with a chicken of some sort...

Alright, so it didn't end with this chicken EXACTLY,

but it will most certainly end with this rooster:

Of all the things that bug me most about this house, and trust me, there are many:

  • roof is growing moss,
  • you can't flush a toilet and expect there to be water pressure anywhere else in the house after for at LEAST 10 mins.before the well pump can catch its breath to offer you more,
  • the gorgeous kitchen wallpaper (seriously, they should shoot the designer of that print...and the people who actually stocked the print, and the person who took the order..the list goes on here.)
  • water stains the carpets,
  • red clay,
  • the cupboards in the kitchen are so old that the glue is starting to smell like urine (fantastic...),
  • did i mention the lack of water pressure?

But of all these things (and I am certain I could think of more, but will spare you the details), the most irritating would have to be the morons who live next door.  All we ask is that you keep your farm on your property.  That's it...keep your animals on your property.  One day, their chickens decided to take a hike over here to feed on our sweet red clay.  The beast would be too tempted to chase said chickens, so....I called animal control.  Long story short, I saved their lazy asses $225 worth of fines for two days!!  But by the third day, I had had enough.  I made one last call.  The following day, the chickens were gone.  So now, they have this bizarre need to enlist neighborhood children to befriend my kids to spy on us.  I KID YOU NOT!
Makes me wonder what's in the water over there.
So, here's to whacked out neighbors who have nothing better to do with their time than spy on us!

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