Sunday, August 22, 2010

Today's the day....

Today is the last day of vacationing around here.  The kids will start their schooling tomorrow, and I have my good intentions of starting my new daily schedule tomorrow.  Here's a peek:
  • Wake up at 6:30am with lusty woodsman
  • 7am Yoga
  • 7:30am shower
  • 8am Les Bonnes Idees blogging and such
  • 8:30am teach the trolls  kiddos until 2pm
  • 2:30pm more Les Bonnes Idees work until 4pm-ish
  • Dinner
Sounds lovely, doesn't it?  It is a work in progress and my intentions have been publicly made known.  The real test is to see if I can stick to this lovely schedule or if that dreaded "life" will get in the way and ruin it all.  But I have hopes.

I have also decided that I most definitely will finish my dress that I've been working on (for at least the past 3 months...hey, it's freakin' HOT out!) and move on to this dress with this fabulous fabric that I found at for a STEAL!!!! With the summer coming to a close, I'm sure to have it ready by next summer....I'll try to share the progress with you as I work on it.


  1. I just love your background! It would be so fun to recreate the white dress on the right! So pretty...
    Kristina J.

  2. thank you! and a big thanks to poppins for doing the design.