Monday, August 16, 2010

On your mark, get set...........


Time for another school year to start and I'm already wishing it were Spring.  Not because I despise schooling, but because I didn't accomplish a fraction of what I wanted to this Summer.

The temps were so ridiculously rude this summer that I didn't get a chance to paint the trim, paint the attic pull down stair,  rip the carpet up, paint the boy's room, install the ceiling fans, weed the front beds, and a multitude of other projects.  All I needed was for the temps to hover in the lower 80's....instead, I got a nasty bucketful of perspiring 90's and 100's.  Who moved the freakin' equator????

I'm going to enjoy the day when I can open all my windows and doors, feel the autumn breeze, and savor the smells of fall.

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