Wednesday, December 1, 2010


i have a confession to make:
i love jars.
(and boxes, but we'll save that one for later.)
my kitchen counters are riddled with them, mostly full of pastas.

(another fetish for a different day.)
my cupboards are overflowing with mason jars, full of cooking spices and medicinal herbs and teas.

I have a vintage set of 3 from my Busia that I treasure.

and BOWLS....i love bowls.

don't seem to have enough of them.
i use them everyday.
recently, a dear friend gave me this bowl:

it's my newest treasure; i may just use it for holding lemons.
little lemons.
my dream kitchen has plenty of space for all my bowls and jars.
my present day kitchen is not my dream kitchen, but it will do.
did i mention i love pasta?

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