Saturday, December 4, 2010

my new toy...

i found a new toy.
i have always wanted to have one.
and now it's mine.

you're jealous, i know, but let it go.
little man did his history homework on it yesterday afternoon...
little lady and sweetie pie typed out their Santa letters, too.
i was thinking of typing out my own letter,  but then i remembered this was my gift...
to myself.

i had visions of working for the new york times after graduating from college.
still working on that college portion of the vision.
but for now, let me dream...
isn't she fabulous?



  1. LOVE THIS! I have an old typewriter too, but it's not this cool looking...

  2. Natalie, I was told to paint it pink.....I'm debating the idea of a pink Remington. By the way, I love your little world.

  3. Love your new typewriter!! I am soo jealous...thanks for visiting my blog! I got my stockings at market in dallas at a store called Sullivans!! Have a Merry Christmas!!


  4. I'm pretty sure that Texas is a bit far to travel this year for stockings...I might consider the journey for 2011, however. Thanks for visiting my little world! :)