Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010....hello opportunistic 2011

wow, it's finally done!
this being the final few hours of a VERY bizarre year, i feel i must reflect on it.
using my rear-view mirror super powers, i can see that this past year was one of growth, surprises, and utter chaos.
what, with all the job crazy, the beast's allergy nonsense, neighbor crazy, and friendships gone awry, one might think that 2010 was a complete mess!
but i have grown (well, not in the literal sense, i actually am beginning my very long journey of shrinkage due to the fact that polish people seem to get shorter and plumper with age.  i still can't quite figure out the plumper part, but give me's comin').
yes, i have grown in strength with regards to my personal beliefs.  i have grown in my abilities to speak out.  and i have grown in my creativity.
as to surprises, well, everyday in utopia seems to bring them out of the woodwork.  
who knew the moose would be allergic to air?
who knew that the sole purpose for moving to the bible belt was to find work that paid only to return to the frozen tundra because the work dried up? (thank the gods it was only for 4 weeks)
and who knew little man, little lady and sweetie pie would grow so much? little man is kind enough to squat down a bit when giving out hugs so he doesn't hurt my feelings.
and who knew that some friendships thought to have been genuine turned out to be superficial?  that was a real hard part of my year, but i grew.
i won't go into vast detail about the utter chaos, let's just suffice it to say that there was CHAOS.
work, dog, family, friends, house.
yup, chaos.
but we grew.
and here is where 2011 steps in to save the day.
if i were to assign a theme to last year, it would have been transformation.
with this new year's theme being "BREATHE", i am completely confident that it can only get better.
yes, there will always be chaos.
and from that chaos, there will always be growth.
but the one thing 2011's got that 2010 doesn't:
this is going to be one fantastic year!
here's to wishing you and yours the same...
xxx theresa

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