Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mes amis, i've been quiet.
life decided to pay me a visit and ruin my glorious plans for
"getting things done."
needless to say, 
i was not happy.
i'm a planner...everything must have a schedule, EVERYTHING.
i plan the trolls' school week.
i plan a weekly dinner menu,
i plan appt's., 
schedule in library time, 
schedule in chores and weekend errands, 
even have a plan for renovations, calling  the realtor, and waving goodbye while driving into the sunset on closing day.
seriously, it's written in my planner, to the very day...stop looking at me that way, i'm just thorough.
i plan.
it's what i'm good at.
what i'm NOT good at is "change." 
when life steps in, dances around my plans, and decides that i need to tweak it just a smidge...
that's where i fall apart.
it was not in the plan.
i did not schedule it.



take it easy, little t. breathe. inner calm, inner calm.

so, this week was chalk full of change.
more specifically....MY change.
i'll be hitting the big 4-0 in a couple months.  
up until now, i thought it would be no big deal, just another year to celebrate my existence.  another year to celebrate how freakin' awesome i look for my age!
do NOT look at the white streaks in my hair and assume they're not natural highlights.
recently, i've been noticing a few things
(9 out of 12 to be precise)
that point towards the beginning of the end.
it all makes sense now.   i may not be crazy after all!
this discovery has put a kink in my schedule.
i don't like kinks.
because i can't really stop time
although, what an awesome super power that would be, right?
i have decided to come up with plans to make this change as painless, less of a tweak, and far cooler than it intends to be.
waking up in the middle of the night feeling like you are on FIRE isn't as cool as it could be...must find herbs to counteract said flame.
this plan of mine,
i said's a plan,
this PLAN of mine may help me realize that i don't have control over everything.
that plans were meant to be tweaked, 
just a smidge.
and that 40 will still be 


  1. You crack me up woman. I think I need an "I'm turning 30 and the world is ending ... if I don't die in the snowpocolipse first" post!

  2. Well Happy Birthday to you! 40 isn't as bad as it may seem. Been there done that. I am freaking out now about the big five-O. That happens in 2 years. You do make 40 look good though. Just breathe....

  3. here's hoping you don't die in the snowpacolypse my sister!
    thanks for the compliments! i shall take on the is my theme, after all.

  4. The only thing you can truly count on is CHANGE...and younger sister 30 is AWESOME! You are finally considered a real adult!

  5. amen sister!

    You seem pretty awesome to me... who gives a *** how old. I don't :)