Saturday, February 19, 2011

and the crowd cheered!

fans her face with while holding back tears of joy,elation, bewilderment...
my very first award!
yay me!
thank you...thank you...thank you...
Maggie over at The White Farmhouse
passed this lovely award on to me, and i am speechless
(which is a hard concept to grasp, i'm sure)
take a peek into Maggie's little world in the great white north,
she made cake...

in order for me to keep my pretty award, i must comply with the rules.
now, under normal circumstances, i would poo poo the rules.
but this is not a normal circumstance...therefore, i will play along.
i need to share with you, mes amis, when blogging clicked with me.
wow...has it clicked? 
poppins made me do it.
i wasn't sure, but, she told me to.
she was having fun meeting people,
making a difference.
she said i should get in touch with my inner chatty cathy.
it's all her fault!
you can find her in a couple of places, but this is where she's been hanging out these days, and it's a lovely little place of support.
as i typity-typed my way through, i started to have fun.
i started to meet fabulous persons from around the globe.
and it helped with my insanity.
and now, it is with great pleasure 
(and excruciatingly painful to choose)
that i bestow this precious little award
which i have renamed:
Birthin' a Beautiful Blog
to the following:

the lovely Thea at for the visionaries
the bubbly Shelley at House of Smith's
full of fun Deborah at Kickcan & Conkers
the ever enchanting Cassie at Hi Sugarplum!
and last, but not least,
the crafty and stylish Jen at Tatertos and Jello

i would have given one to Maggie, but she already has one...and she's not greedy.
and there you have it.
if our winners want to play along, pass the
Birthin' a Beautiful Blog 
to 5 more fantastic people.
and be sure to stop by Maggie's,
she made cake.


  1. You are so kind, thanks very much for this award and for stopping by and leaving so many lovely comments!

  2. Thank you so much, for thinking of me!!! You're so sweet :)

  3. Ooops ... that was me above...used the wrong login.... So glad you found me. Lovin your blog, look forward to looking around a bit. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I'm your newest follower.