Tuesday, February 15, 2011

integers will be the death of me...

math humor
as if my days aren't complicated enough,
little man had to have issues with his integers today.
it is precisely times like this that i cringe in agony.
it is a physical pain that i have when dealing with anything related to algebra.


i'm not lying.

it hurts.

i don't know what sort of joy any person can gain from subtracting negative integers, looking for hidden variables, then multiplying them to the 5th power to come up with some obscure numerical answer that, apparently, only a professional mathematician can solve.
the only joy numbers could ever give me is in the multiplying of my net worth.
that is all.
and lucky me...
i'm married to the lusty woodsman
(posing as iron man these days with a spud wrench)
who happens to find great joy in solving the impossible.
he finds great joy in making paper tessellations,
tying intricate knots with rope,
making a metal lathe from bits of aluminum that he melts down in his hand made crucible and charcoal furnace (yes, he even made the charcoal himself).
as for me, i shall let the iron man have his damn integers and variables to the gagillionth power divided by the sum of negative three.
i will watch.
with my rooster in hand.
and pretend to follow along.

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  1. I hate math homework. My hubby on the other hand loves it. He can really get into it. I let him handle that. A few years ago he went hunting and I had to help the boy with his math homework. The teacher called me to ask if he could stay after school for some help. I told her that I had helped him the night before. She just replied sweetly "Yes, he told me that is why I want him to stay after."