Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what i liked today...

in my little travels throughout the land of blog,
i came upon this absolutely fantastical land.
the first few photos were delightful.
i decided it was someplace i needed to spend more quality time in, so, as with any chocolatier i may happen upon, 
i waltzed right in through the ARCHIVE DOOR.




it was as if i was transported to a land of photographic bliss.
take a peek.
then come back and tell me your favorites.
if you feel compelled to let the 
know from whence you came, feel free to leave a message that i sent you.  i love spreading love.
and because i feel ultra giving today,
i suppose i'll jump right in and offer a giveaway!
by way of randomness, the lucky winner will receive my one of a kind hemp art pencil case. 
with goodies inside.
colors and goodies will vary, but all will be sure to delight.
for you.
because i love.
it's what i do.
so, pay a visit to the Vintage Rose Garden,
choose a favorite from the archives,
share some love,
come back and tell me about it.
i'll choose the winner on February 23 before i slumber.
i'll let you know the next morning.
don't forget to leave me a way to contact you in the body of your post. and spread the's fun to share with friends!


  1. Ugh, they are all so pretty! Love the tablescape! Just dripping with roses and crystals. Lovely! The birdhouse and the squirrel pics made me giggle. How cute are those?! The river with the houses along it was beautiful. So much eye candy to chose from!

  2. Am I disqualified because I know you??

    Because I WANTS A CASE, mama. Big. Safari Art Journaling Case ahoy! :D

  3. Good. I'm twittering and facebooking and...wait. Does that mean I'm adding competition!?


  4. OMG how freakin' beautiful!

  5. I wish I had a room in my house that looked like this:

    The house would also have to have a window full of vegetables.

    Such beautiful images!


  6. I loove this one!!!

    It's purple and the angle and ::swoons::


  7. You have a wonderful blog! I'm so glad I clicked the link on facebook. Keep blogging! I'll keep reading!


    someday..I WILL have a place like this and it WILL be my art studio and NO ONE will ever bother me WILL be my happy place!

    I would like to move into this photo and live forever surrounded by books.

  10. Okay, admittedly I didn't go far back but when I saw this one it was so evocative to me.

    Show me a man in a bow tie and I'll show you the smile on my face.


    I love the sight of a well-worn book.