Friday, February 18, 2011

twinkle, twinkle...

how sweet are these??!!
Winter Wonderland Jar
i just acquired a set myself and i'm having so much fun popping them open to see what lovely little bits are waiting for me inside.
they're rather addicting, too.
i started popping open just a few , then a few more,
before i knew it, the whole lot was almost open...
i set some aside for emergency 
Paperworks by Mel
the amount of time it must have taken to fold every single star...
personally, it would drive me to drink.
(more than i already do)
go take a peek at these delightful little treasures
better yet, pick some up for yourself or a friend.
pick some up for me.
i'm running low and i don't have the patience to re-fold them.
thank you.


  1. You are too funny! What a great idea! Who couldn't use a little pick me up?!

    Stop by! There is a little something waiting just for you!

  2. LOL you are too funny! No heels and lipstick are required. You do have to post about when blogging clicked for you and pass it onto 5 other bloggers. I can't wait to see what you come up with!