Friday, February 4, 2011

time in a rubberband...

i never thought i would say this...
but, time, please slow down!!
yesterday was "do a good deed" day for sweetie pie and little lady.
both of my girlie trolls have the biggest hearts.
it was the second time around for little lady.
sweetie pie wanted to be generous too.
so, we headed for Great Clips.
yes, mes amis, my girlie trolls were going to give, a lot!
between the two of them, they gave.
a total of 23 inches to Locks of Love.
le sigh.
i'm so proud.
however, i wasn't prepared to see my girlie trolls all grown up like.
especially little lady.
she went from my long maned "warrior cat" in training

to a pixie movie star.

and sweetie pie...well, she went from "unruly rat's nest"

to short and sassy chic.

i'm so sad.  and so proud. and so sad.
the really DO grow up!
i know i've always said i couldn't wait until they were 18 and shoved off to college to get a good job and take care of me when i'm older and need a new Bugatti Veyron,

this is just another case in point that there really is a need for society to come up with a manual that is mandatory to read before having children. some sort of reference book to prepare us for when our children just might make us cry.
i'm serious.
i might take on the job.
i can write.
especially if i don't have to be politically correct and can cuss.
i can do it.

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaw, such beautiful girls!! Not sure despite my generosity I could have sported the sexy pixie look quite as well as they do. What a beautiful gesture.... and don't worry, I still speak to my mom everyday and I'm almost 30. So you've got time :)