Thursday, January 13, 2011

are we done yet?

i just saw my sister's newest profile picture this morning, and it reminded me of why i moved south:
 two little sand castles on a beach with a beautiful blue sky in the background.
we moved south for logical reasons.
aside from the fact that the northerners were broke and couldn't pay for that lovely new deck that my lusty woodsman built, aside from the fact that we, in turn, were going broke,
and aside from the fact that we just didn't want to spend the rest of our days broke
according to betty joy, broke is the new rich, what were we thinking?
no, we moved south for the warmth!
we moved to this "utopia" because it was warm enough for the lusty woodsman to work year round,
we moved here to avoid scraping off our windshields in the morning,
to spare us from shoveling at 10am on a Thanksgiving morning, only to return at 4pm and start all over again,
we moved here because of the warmth.
i am now convinced that a new ice age has begun.  i have come to grips with the fact that i will have to buy a winter coat,
that boots can be stylish,

not that i'm a fashion diva by any means, my idea of fashion is a pair of fuchsia jammy pants and whatever t-shirt i fell asleep wearing...until i shower around 2pm.
fashion diva?  i think not.  however, honeysuckle IS the color of the year...
and that white stuff that falls from the sky can be pretty.

now that i have befriended the idea of winter, i think i'll move.
and so begins the kitchen renovation.
once this bad boy is gutted and made new,

(we bought it this way...wall paper up the ceiling and all...i have since taken all the upper cabinet doors off because i can't SEE the insides of the cupboards...who designed this kitchen? functional?  absolutely NOT!  notice the photo dates...alot has changed in this house since then.)
our little "utopia" will be listed, sold, and we shall wave goodbye as we head west...
into the sunset....

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  1. Apparently Florida is the only state that does not get snow!