Monday, January 24, 2011


it's been a long weekend with the trolls,
(lots of math to catch up on)
a long weekend with the horse,
(ran out of food and needed those pesky vaccinations)
and a very long weekend with this crick in me wee little neck...
but, all in all, it was a success.
little man put those fractions in their place, 
little lady and sweetie pie had their room spotless by sunday night,
the moose will live to see another day,
and i have new toys...
i refuse to put these in any of the cupboards here in this nasty little kitchen, so my lusty woodsman is crafting me a temporary board to hang them on.
yes, it will look odd...
yes, it will turn heads...
yes, it will most likely make this kitchen look that much more hideous...
but, hey, my toys are too nice to not look at.
kitchen remodel in T-minus 20 (or so...)days.


  1. I like your new toys! I got some new toys this weekend that I really need to post about too. I am getting so excited to see your kitchen transformation! But tell me, did you have to threaten or cry to get a room spotless? Fess up! How'd you do it?!

  2. they spent a month in a less than tidy home this fall and little lady has always been tidy. it's sweetie pie that needs a bit of a nudge. little man did a miraculous transformation after his stay as well. blessing in disguise? i think so.