Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a common endeavor i just had to join...

there seems to be a common goal for the coming year:
while this may not be my theme for the new year, i just can't help but jump on the bandwagon.
as i look around this oddly shaped living area, i notice a common suspect in the case of  
"why does my house always look like it imploded?" 
has nothing to do with the fact that i'm on this computer...
no, it's not the fact that i own more books than the local public library
slight exaggeration, but point made
it's not the fact that most of my furniture resembles bookcases, boxes, and totes 
this is why:    

and this:

truth be told, i've always wanted a simple cottage style, clean and tidy, whites and natural colors and textures.
i really wanted to have a home that looks just like this:
don't you LOVE this kitchen?  it's fabulous!!

but the reality is, i'm a stay at home, home-schooling mama of 3 incredibly smart, beautiful and 
"guilty of cluttering up my world" in a brick ranch that looks suspiciously like a double wide with brick veneer 
with a small budget.
and owner of an incredibly needy moose.

so, to join the masses out there in blogger-ville, i have decided to 
i may never reach the zen of this house:
but i will have this mess taken care of before the year is up.
actually, kitchen plans begin in a month...
i think i'll share the renovations with you.
i can't believe i didn't win the Ugliest Kitchen in America award, sheesh!     
house photos courtesy of google search engine...i love google.

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