Thursday, January 20, 2011

happy thursday...

just thought i would share a little happy with everyone.
the acronym for today is:
(so happy it's thursday)
so here it it, my little happy that i found on OhDeeDoh this morning...

these are so amazing...and sweet.
i must have one...i shall start looking around this tiny little "double-wide" and find a spot to put it that the moose can't reach.



on second thought...maybe i'll just pine over it for a little longer.
there really isn't anywhere that the beast CAN'T reach.
come back tomorrow for my final installment of dirty little party secrets!
i have a couple more rooms to share.
(i've been waiting all week, but something got into little man and he's cleaning!!!  what???!!!  
i know, right?)
i don't have any heels to speak of, but i did find my lipstick!
come join me at emily's party


  1. Those are really cute. If your moose is anything like my chihuahua in a scooby costume there is not place safe. I just saw the cutest pair of heels the other day. I so want them. I know I would never ever be able to wear them. Oh well. Still looking forward to the kitchen!