Monday, January 17, 2011

party on!

it's monday, mon amis!
and you know what that means...
(where's my lipstick?  i promised to wear lipstick and now i can't find it.)
seems mondays are always full of fun chaos here in Utopia.
let's just start our little photo shoot, shall we?
my desk
(this is actually neater than usual, the trolls haven't gotten on the computer yet, therefore, the desk is lacking homework)

girlie trolls' room
(i swear, little lady and sweetie pie generate an entire load EVERY FLIPPIN' DAY!)

my room
(or shall we say, the storage facility...sigh, i do so want a big girl's room.  and a different place to store the nerf guns when little man gets a grounding.)

later this week, i'll share some more, but for now, i think i need to go hide in shame.  this house is a wreck!
want to party hearty?  head over to emily's place and be sure to link up!  and don't forget your lipstick.


  1. Haha My girls room looks the same!!! They love to change their clothes way too much and just throw stuff everywhere!!!

  2. It's so comforting to know that my tribe is not unusual. I swear the bitty one can change her clothes every hour on the hour! I would gladly trade you messes though! Thanks for visitng!

  3. I've got to find a picture of what the twins did when they were wee trolls during nap-time...books, blankets, toys, clothes (that they stripped off), EVERYTHING on the floor.

  4. My room is the storage facility too!! And geez what my one lil girl can accumulate for laundry is amazing!!

  5. Love the honesty! We all have messy rooms, why not share?! Emily's link party is genius!

  6. Too funny about your room being the storage facility of the house. I've got my boys' bb guns under my bed right now! Enjoyed your post! Visiting from Emily's!


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  8. Love it Theresa!! I am sure my girl's room will look something like that when she's older...can't wait. ha. Thanks so much for linking up, you're awesome!!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I am pretty sure that laundry breeds while we sleep at night.