Thursday, January 13, 2011

it's party time!

i've decided to join my first blog party....
i figured this is one party i could really excel at.
if you read this post, you'd know that i more than qualify to join. 
Emily over at Decor Chick had an epiphany in the shower.
i can totally relate to that as most of my brilliant thoughts emerge from the shower.
she wanted all of us in bloggerville to know that she most certainly does NOT have a home straight out of a pottery barn catalog, that her home looks more like mine...
like every book, article of clothing, shoe and kitchen dish just suddenly up and grew legs and partied too much and threw up all over the floor (with nothing to hold their hair back).

it's true.
have you seen this house?
at the last stroke of midnight?
or, is it when the trolls rise from the bowels of their bedrooms riding the beast into the kitchen?

so, grab this fun button (a simple jpeg image) and put on your lipstick....
come join me on monday, and i promise, i won't lift A FINGER until then.
(that actually won't be too hard to accomplish, as my home will forever look the way it does so long as the residents of this happy abode still reside here!)
for rules and party attire, please visit emily's blog.
and as always, thank you.

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