Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a moment of serious...

a few weeks back, i was mentioning to the lusty woodsman that it was rather unsettling how our news media here in the bible belt was still covering disasters of one nameless country and yet, there was no mention of the disaster in another.
i found no article in the sunday bundle,
saw no coverage on the local telly,
not that i remembered...there may have been one story the first day it occurred.
i can't recall.
because it wasn't given the coverage it deserved.
i have bloggy friends in Australia.
wonderful women, creative women.
my heart was heavy looking at pictures of the devasting rains and flooding.
 so many of my friends were affected, so many of their friends and family members lost everything.
after reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, i thought to myself:
self, this number could have been so much more.
but the fact was BIG.
the monies raised by the creative people around the world,
by the women (and two men, according to toni and carli) all over the world who opened their hearts (and their pocket books!),it was phenomenal!
i was stunned.

this little world of bloggyville is rather amazing.
a link here, a link there, and soon....
incredible things happen.
this internet community has become family to most.
lots of families.
it has connected people from oceans apart.
the fundraiser that make it perfect held renews my hope in humanity.
we're imperfect....but when our friends are in need, 
we come out the door running, with cyber shovels, cyber buckets,
with our hearts open.
i wish i had unlimited funds...i have none to give.
but i do have my words and my heart.
i don't know where this post was supposed to go, i just had to say SOMETHING!
maybe a little thank you to the women and two men out there who were able to give more than love this time.
the numbers could have been higher...but they were jaw dropping nonetheless.
my thoughts are with my Australian friends.
speedy recovery.


  1. Such a lovely post. I am sure that everyone involved would appreciate it.