Friday, January 21, 2011


and here it is...friday.
it's the last day of emily's party,

we've danced,
 we've sang,
buried our heads in the sand because of our dirty little party secrets,
our heels broke,
the lipstick wore off,
and it's time to go home.
i had such FUN!
as much as i wish i could stay, 
i just can't bring myself to sit around in my messy house.
it must be cleaned.

(i started cleaning wednesday, i'm sorry, but all the physical photos of my house being in such disarray really kinda sorta made me blush!)

i shall start with myself.
feeling a bit funky after partying all week long.

but not until i share with you what's left of my wee little "double wide"..
here are the last couple peeks at my stellar mess:

(had to sneak in little man's room whilst he ate his honey nut o's...
hee hee)
Nerf mod-ing is his thing.  

i know i already showed my little storage facility room, but i was inspired to clean it wednesday.

seems pushing the big girl bed from one side of the room to the opposite had very little effect.
it still looks like a storage facility. 


thank you, my dear emily, thank you for making me feel better about my home.  by inviting all these fabulous people with all of their creative and amazing talents to show the world that they,too, are completely human, it just makes me breathe a sigh of relief.  why, there is hope for me yet!


  1. I had to laugh cause immediately after taking the pics I got to cleaning! I was going to do a post to show we are not slobs. Haven't gotten around to it yet.

    The other day it was snowing and it just so happened that I had to get our beast dog food. I was in the checkout lane with some other things and she looked at the 50 lb bag of food and said "Oh, looks like someone thinks we are going to get a lot of snow" I said "excuse me?" She said "Well, that bag of food, you think we are going to get snowed in?" She had a little smirk on her face. I said "No, she goes through this every two weeks". She just got a blank look on her face. I thought of you though.

    your beast eats more than mine...I got the broken one who's allergic to air. really, he's going through a food transition right now and he thinks he's going to DIE of starvation every time the bag is brushed up against by one of the trolls...snicker...we're going to weigh him on sunday to see if this food is helping him gain weight. how much does your little monster weigh? and how old? our luke-a-potomas is 125lbs at 2 years...spunky little monkey.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad I am not alone in feeling like I live with a Moose, or 10, among other animals!