Tuesday, January 18, 2011

parties and previews...

good morning, mon amis!
and what a morning it has already been.
not bad, just a morning.
ever have one of those dinners that fill your home with wonderful foodie aromas, mouthwatering tempting smells that make you drool at the thought of dinner?
especially if it's a bacon-y goodness, dripping with butters and garlics and onions and...(i'm hungry, damn)
now, imagine that smell at 6:30am the next day.
just as bad as when i was preggers with all my trolls and had to smell the lusty woodsman's coffee brewing at 5am.
it's a wonder i only hurled twice with all three.
so, that's my morning.
on top of that, there was only 1/2 cup of java for me this morning.
i despise brewing coffee.
i'd rather someone else just make me some 
(hence the single cup of elixir of the gods for me, made with love and haste by the lusty woodsman **posing as iron man most mornings**)
so here i sit,
at my messy desk,
smelling last night's dinner,
out of java,
staring at the kitchen from hell.
which brings me to my point that i neglected to tell you...
kitchen remodel in T-minus 29 days.
so, in conjunction with our little party with emily,

here is the before:
yes, i'll admit it...i took AAAAALLLLL of the cabinet doors off my cupboards...the lighting in here is so awful that i couldn't see ANYTHING, so i burned them out back with delight.
dishes, awful tile backsplash with grout dried onto the trim and counters, the garbage can where the dishwasher once stood, and yes, the moose's water dish IS inside the vittle vault...just no vittles in it, only a 5lb bag of baking soda 
(i love costco).
 the wallpaper, the shoe basket, the towel...yes, we keep a towel at the back door...have you seen the size paw that the moose doth has?  the mud from that creature alone, along with three trolls and the lusty woodsman **posing as iron man with concrete all over his boots** 
is enough to warrant a wash station, but a towel will have to suffice.
 and here we have my FAVORITE side of the kitchen...i really don't have to say anything about it...a picture is worth A THOUSAND words....
this is my tuesday mess.
this is my every freakin' day of the week mess....
take it all in, my friends,
study it hard...for it will all be gutted...
iron man said i could use his crowbar!  yay!
until next time...keep it real.
visit emily's place and grab your heels, it's the greatest party of the year!


  1. How funny! I know about the size a dane can and will bring in! Ours doesn't have paws, she has paddles. The tail kills me. It will be dripping wet and muddy and yet she is so happy to come in, she slings it all over. You can tell how tall she is by the mud line.

    I wish that I lived closer! I would love to help you gut your kitchen! I don't know why, but demolision is my thing. Not so much as the putting back to order though. I can't wait to see what you do with this!

  2. Hi Theresa,
    I know that smell exactly. We had hamburgers last night and I'm now trying to air out the house this morning, yuck!
    I can't wait to see what your going to do in your kitchen. It sounds fun that you get to use a crowbar!
    Thanks so much for becoming a new follower on my blog, it's a pleasure to meet you!
    I hope you have a great week.

  3. Poppins....ditto!
    I completely get all giddy and silly when it comes time to tear into a wretched space and turn it into something pretty. Finishing this little project will be THE BIGGEST step closer to waving goodbye in the sunset as we pack up the brood and move west.
    I feel a John Denver song coming on...and a new post...
    Enjoy your week everyone!